If you have experienced delays or disruption on a flight within the past 3 years you are entitled to compensation. We are here to negotiate it on your behalf.  The airlines are legally required to pay up and we ensure they do!


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Airlines are very unlikely to inform passengers of their rights. Thanks to this they save millions every year on unpaid compensation. After several minutes on a customer service helpline you may very well give up trying to make a claim and going through complicated procedures. Don’t accept the initial proposal from the airline – we are sure we can help you get much higher compensation. A ticket refund is not enough. You should be paid for all the inconvenience you experienced during your travel. The minimum compensation is 250 euro, even on short domestic flights.


A ticket refund is not all you may get. You can claim money for all complications caused by the delay or cancellation of the flight. The minimum compensation is 250 euros, even on a short domestic route.

→ flights delayed more than 2 hours

→ cancelled less than 7 days before departure

→ boarding refusal

→ hotel expenses

→ meals, drinks and phone calls

→ up to 3 years back


The amount of compensation depends on the length of the flight. Even on the shortest routes, the minimum rate is 250 Euros for each passenger. It is irrelevant how little the ticket cost – you can even claim from low-cost carriers. On routes over 1500 kilometres your compensation will increase to 400 Euros. If you fly farther than 3,500 kilometres, you will receive up to 600 Euros for each passenger. For a family of four, that’s as much as 2,400 Euros!



Every passenger flying from any EU country is legally protected against the consequences of delays or cancellations. Compensation is due even if you have been flying outside of the European Union or have returned to the EU. The legal basis for this is enshrined in the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 February 2004 No. (EC) No. 261/2004.

If you do not know about it, they save money. Compensation payments are very costly for airlines. So they have adopted a strategy that they will pay compensation only to people who know how to enforce it. Thanks to this, they save hundreds of millions of euros each year.

The law obliges the airline to pay from 250.00 to 600.00 euros for each passenger, regardless of whether the flight was delayed or cancelled. The amount depends on the length of the route on which you fly. For shorter flights up to 1500 kilometres, compensation of 250.00 euros is payable. The minimum delay must be 2 hours. If the flight route was from 1500 to 3500 kilometres, the compensation increases to 400.00 euros – the delay must be at least 3 hours in this case. For flights over 3500 kilometres and a minimum delay of 3 hours, you will receive up to 600.00 euros. The compensation is due to each passenger who travelled with you.

We will check the flight archive and determine how long you were delayed. There is always a chance that you will be compensated. We can claim for delays and disruptions up to 3 years back. Please contact us.

You have two phone calls, the ability to send a fax, e-mail, free meals and drinks. Most often, the airlines distribute vouchers for drinks and meals to buy at a designated buffet at the airport. If you have not received the voucher, keep all receipts for meals purchased at your own expense. The same applies to forced accommodation. You do not have to settle for sleeping on the floor or airport bench – the airline must refund you for the hotel and any travel costs.

Airlines only really worry about their own business. They frequently sell more tickets for a flight than they have seats on the plane. They hope that some passengers will not show up at the airport, thanks to which they will earn more money. This is called overbooking. What if all the passengers turn up? Some of them simply will not fly. In this situation, you have the right to change the booking for the next possible flight free of charge, as well as to receive the same compensation as in the case of delay.

Most often at the airport there is no representative of the airline who could accept the application. Even if someone offers you a change of flight to another time or date, never give up your rights. It is best not to sign any documents that could deprive you of the opportunity to claim compensation. Leave it to our specialists.

YES – low cost lines operate according to the same rules as other carriers. It does not matter how much you paid for the ticket or how short the flight was. Your rights are always the same. It could be that you bought a promotional flight for just £5.00 –  you are still entitled to receive up to 600.00 Euro in compensation!

First of all – keep the boarding pass and note the exact departure and arrival time. This will make it easier to verify later whether you are entitled to compensation. Second – keep all bills for expenses incurred at the airport. These can be drinks, meals, phone calls, and any invoices from hotels and taxis. If you do not want to wait and you decide not to travel, do not agree to a refund for the ticket. This may close the path to claim compensation at a later date. The refund for the ticket is only one part of the refund of all the costs that we can apply for.

Above all, make a decision – do you want to fly later or cancel your trip? The airline is obliged to offer you the next available flight at no additional cost, even if it is on a competing carrier. You may also consider that a trip at a later date is inconvenient for you. In both cases, in addition to the reimbursement of all costs incurred, you will receive compensation.

There are a few exceptions when the carrier is not responsible for delays or cancellations. These are usually random events that nobody could have foreseen. These may be natural disasters (e.g. a volcanic eruption), strikes by personnel other than the airline staff, e.g. the air traffic controllers of a country, or extremely difficult weather conditions. However, you should ask the carrier for an exact cause, which we will verify later. If your airline cancelled the flight due to bad weather, and other planes at that time were flying without incident, this may suggest your carrier is not being honest with you.

Recent pilots’ strikes have left thousands of passengers stranded. Cheap airlines defend the position that a strike is an exceptional situation that cannot be predicted. Our lawyers disagree with this position. Most strikes were known in advance and the airline had time to offer passengers alternative connections. At the moment there are several lawsuits against airlines. We are awaiting the judgments in these cases that should resolve doubts.

Compensation amounts are given in euros, while airlines pay them in Sterling at the current exchange rate.

By the law, compensation should be paid within 30 days. Most often, we manage to get them within 10-14 days.


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